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Roomier Character Sheet for Little Wizards

When Richard Rogers was getting ready to play Little Wizards with his 7 year old, they found the character sheet provided in the book to be a bit cramped. So Kelly Vanda designed this gorgeous landscape character sheet with lots … Continue reading

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Two Years In

It’s time for the more or less annual update on living the life of a freelancer. I’m sure you’ve been waiting anxiously. It’s been about two years since I started editing full time, and I still have a lot to … Continue reading

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2013 Gen Con Schedule

So, yeah. Summer has been a bit…hectic. This is perhaps a bit on the late side (I’m writing it from a hotel in Indianapolis) but here’s my Gen Con schedule in case you want to say hi. Tuesday ARRIVE AT … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal of Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate

This is cross posted on Reads 4 Tweens. Carrie Harris is writing a novel for the Young Centurions series for Evil Hat Productions. It’s in the same universe as Dinocalypse Now, Beyond Dinocalypse, and King Khan, but the target audience … Continue reading

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The Most Important Meal of the Day

It’s really easy to think that however things are is just the way they’re going to be. As the kids grow up and we all have conflicting schedules, stressful mornings and dinners out of brown bags in the car started … Continue reading

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RPG Editors You Don’t Know But Should

By the very nature of freelance work, there are often a lot of really talented people continuously looking for work. Some people are really quite good at the difficult-to-learn skill of putting their names out there—if you’re looking for an … Continue reading

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“Speak”ing Up

Trigger warning: This post is about using literature to talk to kids about rape and consent. Some things may be triggery. A few months back I wrote about reading the novel Keeping Corner and talking about it with my daughter … Continue reading

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Why Are Fairytales “Girl Books”?

This is also posted on Reads4Tweens, where I have a list of fairytale books I’ve reviewed. I’ve marked books that I think appeal equally to boys and girls, regardless of what the cover looks like. Jessica Banks also has an … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale Fortnight!

I’m a total fairy tale geek. I’ve always loved fairy tales—Disney films, gorgeously illustrated children’s books, modern retellings, clever novelizations, you name it. In college, I realized that if I combined a Cultural Anthropology major focusing on folktales with my … Continue reading

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The Problems of Gendering Parenthood

I read a great article yesterday about how so much advertising aimed at women is actually advertising aimed at parents. When the infamous “They” say that women like something, what they often mean is “parents may find this convenient.” Obviously, … Continue reading

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