Fiction Editing and Proofreading

Elizabeth Cole

Wallflowers of Wildwood

  1. Daisy and the Duke
  2. Rose and the Rogue
  3. Heather and the Highlander
  4. Poppy and the Pirate
  5. Camellia and the Christmas Curse (holiday novella)

Secrets of the Zodiac

  1. A Heartless Design
  2. A Reckless Soul
  3. A Shameless Angel
  4. The Lady Dauntless
  5. Beneath Sleepless Stars
  6. A Mad and Mindless Night
  7. A Most Relentless Gentleman
  8. Breathless in the Dark

Secrets of the Zodiac novellas

  • Lady in Pearls
  • Lady in Sapphire

The Brothers Salem

  1. One Touch of Silver (prequel novella)
  2. Keep Me Close – 2018 finalist, specialized category, Carolyn Readers Choice Awards
    3rd place, Paranormal category, Write Touch Readers’ Award Contest
  3. Reach for Me
  4. Wake Me Up

Swordcross Knights

  1. Honor & Roses
  2. Choose the Sky
  3. Raven’s Rise – 2018 finalist, historical category, Carolyn Readers Choice Awards 
  4. Peregrine’s Call

Kirk Ward Robinson

  • Timewall Speaks: A Novel
  • A Robin Waits: Short Fiction

Jocelyn Koehler

  • The Way Through the Woods: Four Fairy Tales
  • End to End

Tracy Barnett

  • Sveidsdottir

Spirit of the Century novels

  • Beyond Dinocalypse by Chuck Wendig
  • Dinocalypse Forever by Carrie Harris
  • Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate by Carrie Harris
  • Sally Slick and the Miniature Menace by Carrie Harris
  • Stone’s Throe by C.E. Murphy
  • The Pharaoh of Hong Kong by Brian Clevinger and Matthew Cody


  • Dinocalypse Now by Chuck Wendig
  • Khan of Mars by Stephen Blackmoore
  • King Khan by Harry Connolly

7th Sea, John Wick Presents

  • “Revenge and the Crow” by Jennifer Mahr (in Pirate Nations)
  • “An Act of Faith” by Jennifer Mahr (in Nations of Théah)
  • “Keep Close to the Road” by Jennifer Mahr (in Nations of Théah)
  • Daughter of Fate by John Wick
  • Born Under a Black Flag by John Wick


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