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Although I doubt I’ll be adding any posts, I don’t want to lose these. This index will help you find posts on specific topics. Several posts are listed multiple times as they deal with several topics.


It is supposedly an editor’s blog, after all! Whether you’re a fellow editor, an author, a publisher, or just curious, these posts offer advice or reflect on some of the issues we face in the world of small press publishing.

Writing and Communicating

As an editor, a mother, and a former writing & rhetoric teacher, expression through words is something that really matters to me. Some of these posts are about communication in general, some touch on networking, while others focus on advice to writers.

Working as a Freelancer

Your work may be different from mine, but if you’re using your skills at a bunch of different companies at the same time and/or working from home, we have a lot in common. These posts deal with some of the issues I’ve faced as freelance editing has become my career.

Geek Parenthood

Raising geeklings consumes a lot of my energy and brain power. Whether you’re a geek who’s a parent or the parent of a geek (or both!), these posts deal with some of the issues of raising kids in the modern age. There are lots of topics covered here, especially if you’re looking for games or books to share with your kids, wondering about how to introduce your kids to your geek culture, or looking for someplace to commiserate.

Books and Stories

Stories are one of my passions, personally and academically. These posts deal with ideas of story, books I love, and the struggle to help my kids find wonderful books and good stories. Some of these posts show the development of Reads 4 Tweens, my book review site to help parents and educators choose appropriate books for the kids in their lives.


Gaming is both my hobby and my career. These are posts about gaming conventions, favorite games, gaming culture, and gaming advice.


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