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Dirty Little Secrets

It’s such a typical trope in children’s books—the young protagonist, afraid of the repercussions, keeps a secret from the people most likely to help. I get it—it isolates the protagonist and keeps the focus of the story on the child, … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

In our house, every day is Valentine’s Day—or whatever other joke you want to make. On a practical level, for our family Valentine’s Day is mostly a kid holiday, full of crafts and candy. So to celebrate our namesake day, … Continue reading

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On the Usefulness of Style Guides

The Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Basic Game is done. It’s off to the printers and I couldn’t change a thing about it if I wanted to. And now, finally, I know enough to actually write a correct and accurate style guide. … Continue reading

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Review the Review

I’ve been reading books I think my kids might like and writing some reviews. I hope to get a book review site up before the month is out. Rather than judging books as “good” or “bad,” the goal is to … Continue reading

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