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After the War

My daughter, Mary Rosalind Valentine, is getting her first professional RPG writing credit for After the War by Genesis of Legend Publishing! Here’s a preview of the fiction she wrote for them. Now on Kickstarter! Interview with Alex Lunnett Recorded … Continue reading

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Defying the Deadpool Memes

Last night, defying all the memes and impassioned tweets telling me “Don’t take your child to see Deadpool!”, I took my child to see Deadpool. In fact, I went along with another mom who also brought her child. And while … Continue reading

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Coffee Nap!

One of the really great and really tough things about working from home is that…well, you’re at home. With all your stuff and your chores and your bed reminding you that if you’re really that tired you could just go … Continue reading

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Way to Go, LEGO!

When LEGO Friends first came out, I ranted a bit. It’s not that I don’t like the toys—if my daughter were a bit younger, I have no doubt they’d be all over our house. What bothered me was that LEGO … Continue reading

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Endings and Beginnings

A short post to commemorate a transition in my editing career: About ten years ago I started helping Cam Banks edit the massive tome that is Price of Courage, a Dragonlance module. I went on to edit many other Dragonlance … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Quiet Ones

A decent amount of my identity is as the mother of geeklings (a bit like the mother of dragons, but with less fire. Usually.). I’ve realized, though, that if you primarily know me online, you might think that I only … Continue reading

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Gender Discrimination in Geek Culture

This is an article my daughter (who just turned 13!) wrote for her school newspaper. It was published before a boy tried to tell her that girls don’t play Minecraft, so it doesn’t include her impassioned argument on that topic. … Continue reading

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Metatopia 2013 Schedule

We leave for Metatopia in a few days! I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be on a total of eight panels, as well as attending panels and hanging out and probably participating in some impromptu playtesting. Here’s the schedule … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cons

This summer marked an evolution for our gaming family—we took the kids to two game conventions, Origins Game Fair and DEXCON. And this was the first year we brought the kids but not my mom (she came to Origins with … Continue reading

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“All Ages” Isn’t Necessarily “Kid Friendly”

When we were at DexCon, the kids and I got to play a board game in development called Game of Thorns. It combined the themes of hobbits, gardening, and Game of Thrones to see who would be ruler of the … Continue reading

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