Endings and Beginnings

A short post to commemorate a transition in my editing career:

About ten years ago I started helping Cam Banks edit the massive tome that is Price of Courage, a Dragonlance module. I went on to edit many other Dragonlance books published by Sovereign Press, and I continued to work with the company as they transitioned into Margaret Weis Productions. I was there when Cortex Plus came into being, and I worked on Smallville, Leverage, Dragon Brigade, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Dramatic Roleplaying, and most recently Firefly. I’ve spent many a Gen Con in the MWP booth, telling anyone who would listen about how great the games are.  In those ten years, editing has gone from a hobby to my fulltime career, thanks in no small part to the faith Margaret Weis Productions has always had in me.

As I worked on the Firefly corebook, I was also getting Alex Perry ready to take over as the editor of the Firefly sourcebooks (the Echoes of War line has always been in Sally Christensen’s capable hands). Last week, Monica Valentinelli and I agreed that Alex is ready to take over. He’ll be seeing the corebook through the final stages of editing, and my participation is done.  This is something that I’ve been working towards—I’m focusing more on smaller projects and fiction now, so I’m ready to move away from the long-term licensed lines that MWP tends to produce—but it’s still kind of sad to say goodbye since my editing career has never before lacked a MWP project somewhere in the schedule.

Many thanks to all the people I’ve worked with over the years at MWP. I’m a better editor for the experiences I’ve had with you. Thanks for putting up with me as I learned on the job!

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