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Kids Deserve Better Stories

This starts out like a movie review, but I promise I have more to say than just reviewing a kids’ movie. The heat this week encouraged us to go see Cars 2 yesterday. The kids liked the first one pretty … Continue reading

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Yes, I’d Love Some Cheese With My Whine

Caveat 1 – I’m about to get pretty whiny. Caveat 2 – I have never ever felt undervalued or unappreciated by the people I’ve worked with. This isn’t about respect and recognition during projects–just after, as you learn what other … Continue reading

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Toxic Stereotype Is Toxic

There are a lot of conversations and opinions about the portrayal of and reception of women in gaming and the effect that those things have on women. As both a woman in the industry and the mother of a 10 … Continue reading

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Kids, Moms, and Cons

OK, time to get around to reflecting back on Origins. It was, of course, wonderful and amazing to hang out and talk and play games with all kinds of great people all day and way too late into the night. … Continue reading

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