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Muppet Love

Over the Thanksgiving break, I took the kids to see The Muppets. As a longtime Muppet fan, I was so excited for this movie—the previews gave me hope that this was going to be the Muppets of my childhood, and … Continue reading

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Twilight Confessions

I’m probably about to drop in your estimation—I like Twilight. I even went to see the movie this weekend, apparently along with a whole lot of other people. Based on my Twitter feed and other social media, though, few of … Continue reading

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Grammar Rant! “Try and…”

In general, I try really hard to stay open-minded, to see most issues as potential conversations with multiple rational points of view. Since most of the books I edit have a conversational tone, I’m probably more laid back than many … Continue reading

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Traveling Virtual Roads

As I’ve mentioned before, in many ways, I was really lucky as I started my career in RPG editing. It’s a path not everyone can follow, because it relies on being friends with people on the verge of making it … Continue reading

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