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Exciting and Elementary

The editing deadline for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying is this week and the holidays are coming at me with frightening speed. I’m compiling a list of topics I want to write about when I have the time and available brain waves, … Continue reading

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Good Tween Brain Candy

OK, so I’m kind of copping out—the past two weeks have been crazy insane and I have a good topic in mind that I don’t want to rush. So I’m throwing a question out to you. First, some background. My … Continue reading

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Muppets and Mythbusters – Making Memories

We’re in the middle of the two most insane weeks of the entire year for the Valentine household, so you get another post about the Muppets this week! Yaaaaay! (Muppet flail) This weekend I took the kids to see The … Continue reading

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